We forge email marketing campaigns for your e-commerce store to skyrocket revenue, without you burning $ on ads

"I Love Leaving Money On The Table"


Said no smart business owner… ever!

Believe it or not, 67% of ecommerce stores are not regularly making sales with their email marketing.

14% of stores don’t even HAVE an email list.

71% of ecommerce stores do not have an abandon cart sequence.

Geez… you can almost SMELL the money burning…

Those are some scary statistics, but you don’t have to be one of them – even if you are working hard to keep all aspects of your ecommerce business going!

This is were Macbeth Digital comes in.

Not only do we write killer copy for your emails, but we also make sure that your offers are hyper focused to snag a sale and get your customer to complete their purchase on your site.

Do you know how many would-be customers have been lost to the abyss of ‘I’ll finish checkout later’?

Or would have bought one of your best sellers, if you had just sent an email out about it?

You don’t have to wonder anymore.

Look, we know times are tough, we know you’ve probably worked with agencies before that spit on their grandmother’s grave to get a deal.

So, we offer you a risk-free way to make your revenue from emails shoot way up…

…by working on a performance basis.

That means, in the unlikely case that our emails make no money, you won’t have to pay a dime.

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The Agency You Can Trust

You’re a business owner. Chances are, you’re swamped with things to do. Let us help you make things easier by bringing our expertise to the table.

You don’t have time to learn a new skill, spend years testing things out, and ultimately, losing capital figuring out what actually works.

It only makes more sense for you, as a smart business owner, to delegate your email marketing to a team of experts in the e-commerce space.

A Total 'Done For You' Service

You won’t even need to open an email.

It’s simple, really: we want you to focus on what you are great at in your business. Let us handle everything related to email marketing, and ultimately, ushering in a torrent of extra revenue for your business.

We Create a Custom Plan for Every Client

Let’s face it – ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google aren’t getting any cheaper.

Done correctly, email marketing can boost your revenue by 10%, 20%, 30%… and even higher, with a far lower cost than the aforementioned ad platforms.

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What We Specialize In


Selling water to a fish would be a fool’s errand, right? That’s why we use hyper-targeting methods to segment your list appropriately. As a result, your unsubscribe rate drops, and you earn more in the long run.

Email Automations

Our automated email sequences are custom-tailored for every instance, such as for an abandoned cart, post-purchase, new subscriber, browse abandonment, and best sellers.


A/B split testing is conducted on all of our email automations and manual campaigns. After every week, collected data is used to further optimize the emails. 

SMS Marketing

One of the methods we use with the highest ROI and open rates is sms marketing – the perfect compliment to a solid email campaign.

Email Campaigns

Your customers want to hear from you and want to buy more products from your store! We help you send relevant and branded emails to your customers to generate extra revenue, that would have otherwise been left on the table.

List Management

We manage your email list and segment people based on similarities so we can send out personalized content and optimize our email marketing efforts.

Macbeth Digital isn’t just another run-of-the-mill marketing agency.
Your business and your objectives matter to us, and we strive to provide curated solutions to your marketing obstacles, with zero headaches on your part.
By choosing us, you can look forward to a successful and fruitful partnership. Thank you for choosing Macbeth Digital.

– Sebastian Roehling, Founder of Macbeth Digital