What we're about at Macbeth Digital

Founded in 2020, we at Macbeth Digital strive to provide the absolute best in select digital services.

We offer:

Email marketing campaign setup and management – If you have an existing list of email subscribers, we will craft winning campaigns to send out and maximize revenue.


Influencer and Personal Branding setup – Where do people go when they want to book a call with you? What kind of funnel do you have set up to guide your audience to buy your high-ticket offers? We’ll take care of all of this for you.


Web design and maintenance – We’ll take the reins on your web project and build it from the ground up – whatever you can imagine. Whether it’s a blog, a landing page, or an ecommerce store (to name a few), we’ve got you covered.

Lead generation – Let’s face it – we’re busy. If you’re a coach, consultant, freelancer, or any business that works with clients, we can help. We’ll provide a steady stream of highly qualified leads for you to call and close.

Sales page copywriting – If you have an ebook, course, coaching program, or just about anything else that requires a sales page to sell it, we can help you. We’ll dive deep into the mind of your target market and make sure that the sales page used to sell on your behalf not only looks professional and presentable, but that the copy truly resonates with your market and thoroughly convinces them that you have the solution they are looking for.